Classes and Workshops


Our classes are run by artists so that they can teach their passion and support their practice

Classes will be added as we grow and full day/ weekend workshops are planned to whet your appetite and introduce you to new ways of working. If there is a particular class that you would like to see added contact us and we will see what we can do. 



Julia Rogers


Monday eve 

28th Feb - 28th March

6.30 - 8.30

This course will show you where to start and improve your observational ability

Perfect for beginners and those wishing to brush up on existing skills

You will learn how to:

  • Draw basic shapes and make them appear 3D
  • Shade and create texture.
  • Understand perspective to create depth
  • Attain greater accuracy
  • Discover a variety of techniques to aid observation

These skills form the building blocks of all art practices. Drawing is the most direct way of capturing ideas and understanding your subject


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The Wednesday Collage Club

Hosted by

 Sharon Hendy

Weekly on Wednesdays


Join us for a group Chop 'n' Chat with our resident dicer and slicer Sharon Hendy who creates amazing humorous and poignant artwork. No experience needed but a sense of humour is useful.

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Short taught course

15th Feb - 1st March



Life drawing is a hugely popular class that teaches you to focus intensely and consider the complexity of the human form.

Julia is an experienced teacher who will guide you through structuring your drawing, measuring, understand how the body moves and how to tackle foreshortening. You will use a variety of media and drawing techniques to achieve greater success and understanding

Models alternate between male and female.

Materials are included. Easels available. Tuition included.

Please book as places will be limited due to social distancing.

Tutor Julia Rogers

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Art History with a practical element

Julia Heckles

Dates tbc


Dada - a perfect way to jump straight in to Art History. Play with the absurd, make total nonsense and enjoy learning about its place in history and the reasons why it came into existence.

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Creative Development

Dates tbc

Julia Rogers


Tuition  £40 + studio hire £12  x 5 = £260


This 5 week course will help you:

-Rediscover your motivation

-Uncover rituals and routines to stay on track

-Face your fears

-Gain awareness of distractions

-Discuss creative practice with like minded peers

-Kick start your creative habit

-Engage in group critiques

-Gain insight to be more in tune with your inner artist and creative goals

This course will include 2 hours of teaching and a regular day of your choice to develop your own work in a working studio.

Places are limited for a quality learning experience and a covid safe environment

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Julia Rogers


Next dates tbc

This course builds confidence allowing you to try out a variety of media and is perfect for beginners and those who want to refresh their skills

Learn how to mix colours

Discover how to control and also let go to express yourself

Use a variety of paints, tools and techniques

Discover how to create texture, glazes and layer work

 Julia will guide you and show you how to explore and develop your skill.

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Printmaking and Watercolours Lesley Gray

Dates tbc

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Photography with Gary Latham

Gary will take you through the many stages of photography from technical to inspirational. explaining the basics of ISO, F/stops, Depth of field through to composition and creating an interesting photo.

Dates tbc

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